Nurture the BODY

Contrary to what the world may say, nurturing your body doesn't just mean weighing a certain amount and drinking a liquid diet for the rest of your life. There are so many ways you can nurture your body. Some can be from exercise or eating healthy, but my favorite way to nurture my body is simply just taking time to refresh and relax. Sometimes thats all you need as Mother of 2 (and one on the way).



The Only Bag You Will Ever Need (Alf The Label)

With baby number 4 coming soon, some of the baby gear I had from the 3 girls just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. With as many kids as I have, a lot of stuff wears down and just gets to a point where it doesn’t work anymore for us. One of those items was my diaper bag. With two toddlers, I use my diaper bag every day multiple times a day lugging it from one park to another…

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First Time Mom's Guide: Save of Splurge Registry Items (Part 2)

The moment you find out that you are expecting your first child it's like you turn into a shopping maniac. Searching high and low for every single item you think you’ll need for the 1st year of life with this tiny little human. 

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First Time Mom's Guide: All You Need To Know (Part 1)

"Always pee before going to get the baby... even if you don't think you need to, just do it because you may not have that chance again for a while.

- Liz, Mom of two ages 6 and 3

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2017 Nursery Trends | Guest Post

When your shopping addiction is clothes or shoes you can easily hide the boxes in the guest room closet before your husband asks why your front step looks like a UPS distribution facility. When it’s nursery and kid’s room décor…it’s a heck of a lot harder to shield his eyes from jaw-dropping wallpaper that just magically materializes overnight.

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What I Wish I Would've Known Before Breastfeeding

My breastfeeding journey hasn't been the easiest. With my first born I had no clue what I was doing. I never took a class, read a book or researched anything about breastfeeding. My only education came from the nurse who helped deliver my baby. I honestly didn't think I needed to educate myself I just assumed that if Breastfeeding was something natural than wouldn't we somehow know how to do it?

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Nuroo Baby product review

Wow... it's been a CRAZY 3 weeks.. as you can see I'm still alive (barely) and we added a new addition to the family, Aubrey Sloane Byrd! She has been such an added blessing to our family and it's been awesome seeing how our other two girls have loved on her. 

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What I Can't Go Without, Baby #3

Here I am, getting ready to add Baby #3 into the mix. I can’t believe that soon I'll have no choice but to buy a mini-van because thats what happens when you have more than two kids, right? To be honest, I have only recently been able to make enough brain space to think about our third addition within the past few weeks.

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Getting Your Home Ready for Breastfeeding | Guest Post

Frank was born a few weeks early and our doctors say it was the main cause of our breastfeeding challenges for the first week. After we brought him home I hired a lactation consultant to come to the house to address some of our issues

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How to get your kids moving this Summer

Summer is fast approaching and every Mom out there is frantically searching Facebook chats and online brochures to find the best camps to put their kids in for the summer, because let's face it... we don't want to go insane this summer while the kids are home for hours and hours. I myself and expecting a baby the same week my oldest daughter has her last week of school (talk about timing) so I am on the hunt for activities (or babysitters) who are more than willing to entertain my energetic 5 year old. 

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The Body Trap

After having my second baby, I remember being a little obsessed (okay, a lot obsessed) with getting back to my pre-baby weight. With all 3 of my pregnancies I gained not 20, 30 or even 40. Yep, I gained 50 pounds!! The sad part is that all my girls delivered on time and as small as a pea. After gaining that much weight, I just wanted to be like all the other Moms on instagram I saw who had lost their weight within 6 months and had a six pack.

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