The Only Bag You Will Ever Need (Alf The Label)

With baby number 4 coming soon, some of the baby gear I had from the 3 girls just wasn’t going to cut it anymore. With as many kids as I have, a lot of stuff wears down and just gets to a point where it doesn’t work anymore for us. One of those items was my diaper bag. With two toddlers, I use my diaper bag every day multiple times a day lugging it from one park to another, then to the store, then to who knows where. So to say we get some good use out of a diaper bag would be an understatement. I wanted to share with you an amazing brand that I recently found because I am just IN LOVE with them!! After using this diaper bag, I don’t think I will ever go back to anything else ever again.

Alf the Label is an Australian based company that was founded by a fellow Mama. She had experience designing hand bags for herself and when she was pregnant she couldn’t find anything she loved so she made her own. I love people who have that kind of spirit!

Their bags are made with leather and all natural cowhide. Each leather bag has already been pretreated with waterproofing so they will be easy to wipe down and the inside pockets can be spot treated when needed. Seriously, the inside of this bag is the largest I have seen. I’ve had some other great diaper bags but nothing compares to the room and accessibility you get with the Ari Bag. TRUST me when I say the storage is amazing. Soon I will not only be stuffing toddler snacks, diapers, wipes and sippy cups in this bag, but will need to have enough room for newborn items too.

I know for Moms with multiple kids storage is a HUGE deal, so for all you mamas out there I tested the bag out ahead of time and was able to fit all of this…

- 2 baby swaddles
- Backup bag of clothes
- Reusable grocery tote (because you never know when you’ll need to run to the store when your out, I have learned this the HARD way!)
- Diapers
- Wipes
- Water bottle
- Sippy Cups
- Sunscreen
- Bottles
- Binkies
- Wallet
- Snacks

I mean you might as well call this the Mary Poppins of all bags because I could go on for days with how much storage this baby has!


They recently just launched a limited edition collection including not only the The Ari 3 Way Backpack in Rouge but also 2 other bags one of which is a purse for every day use if you don’t need to carry around a diaper bag. This bag has eight internal pockets and two external deep pockets. It includes an insulated spot for bottles along with adjustable straps to use however feels most comfortable for you.

If you have some reservations about ordering internationally, let me put your mind at ease and let you know that they have the warmest and easiest customer service out there! I think it says a lot about a company when they don’t just provide great quality items, but also provide even better customer service.

Alf the Label

Alf the Label

I have been so happy with our bag, it’s been a dream come true (just waiting for one of my kids to wake me up). You have probably heard me mention this before if you follow along with our everyday life, but I think it’s important to say it here as well.

All the brands and products that I promote on social media or my blog are all things that I TRULY BELIEVE IN and stand behind. I am going to be a mom of 4 kids, so there’s nothing out there that I haven’t tried or advice I haven’t heard. I love recommending products and sharing our journey with you because I know that Motherhood can get crazy and it’s so important to have another Mama in your corner!!!

Love you Mama!!
xoxo Terah