What I Can't Go Without, Baby #3

Here I am, getting ready to add Baby #3 into the mix. I can’t believe that soon I'll have no choice but to buy a mini-van because thats what happens when you have more than two kids, right? To be honest, I have only recently been able to make enough brain space to think about our third addition within the past few weeks. I mean, I feel like I just had a newborn, now Im getting ready to dive back in. When I was thinking about all the things I could possibly need, this list became a lot smaller and realistic than with my first daughter. 

So here is what I cannot do without the third time around:

1. Wonder Weeks App

I am so glad that I found this app, I’m just bummed that this didn’t exist with my oldest 5 years ago! If you are a new mom, or like me and you waited to have another baby 4 years after your first there are alot of things you either don’t know or tend to forget.

This app was a life saver for me! There were times when Kinley would be fussy for no reason and I would go and check the app, view what week in her development she was and sure enough the majority of the time she was just going through what they refer to as a “fussy stage” or going through a developmental stage. This made those fussy weeks alot less stressful just by being able to see what was happening and the best part was it showed you just how long it should last! YES, there was an end in sight!! 


2. Dock-a-tot

Yes I know, everyone talks about the Dock-a-tot including me, but last time with Kinley I never used it and I definitely regretted it. This go around I'm not taking any chances! I want my newborn to sleep (not to mention I would like to have a good nights sleep) and this is the perfect solution!

3. A Drink!

I’ll just leave this one right here.. .

4. Nursing Tank (with built in bra) 

There is nothing more annoying than having to unhook a nursing tank and a nursing bra when you are out an about. For me nursing in public never looked glamorous like it does for others just sitting there smiling while there little one is under a nursing cover being super still and cooperative. Nursing anywhere especially in the summer makes me sweaty and irritable. If I’ve found one way to keep myself from stressing about it thats by finding a good nursing tank with a  bra inside. 

5. Nuroo Baby Swaddle

I never realized just how magical a wrapped swaddle was until I first used one with my second daughter. I always thought they were just gimmick items, but when I used one for the first time I was so annoyed I had never used one before. Until that time I just used a traditional swaddle blanket, but was always so frustrated because those little ninja hands would always find themselves outside of what I thought was a pretty impressive swaddle. 

I know recently there has been more attention and some slight controversy regarding swaddling and parents not wrapping babies correctly which can cause a lot of harm. All that to say, I think this product is the answer to all parents fears and concerns. Nurroo Baby is the only swaddle blanket that has two size options in one swaddle! As your little one grows, you can adjust how the swaddle is used and fits them. 

Please do yourself a favor, especially in the beginning months when baby arrives, get this product! You will be amazed at how much better baby sleeps. 

6. Ubbi Diaper Pail

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 8.14.21 PM.png

When I had my second daughter I remember searching high and low for ways to ensure that my diaper trash can wouldn’t stink up my entire house! One day I stumbled upon Ubbi and let me tell you it changed our whole world! The best part about this diaper can is that its stainless steel and uses a NORMAL TRASH BAG! As a parent the last thing you need to be doing is running around town trying to find trash refills, this was so easy it just made sense. Because it is stainless steel it also hides the smell of dirty diapers very well. The only time you smell anything is when you open the lid, but thats nothing compared to the constant diaper stink some cans let off. Another great thing they just came out with this year is the cutest designs on the outside of their cans that will fit in with any decor. 


7. HELP! 

If there is one thing you definitely need when you have a newborn is HELP and SUPPORT! Whether this is your 1st, 2nd or 3rd there is nothing that makes the few first months a little bit easier than having help! You don't have to hire someone in order to help you and if you don't have family around to help I have found that other Mom's are more than willing to help out. We all know how crazy life can get with a new baby! I had my second baby thousands of miles away from my family and having just moved to a new area where I knew no one. The few Moms and community I was able to make actually helped tremendously. It's also easier than ever to connect with fellow Moms through Facebook or Mommy groups in your area and I've found that most Moms on those sights are looking for other Moms to hang out with and support because we are all needing a community!  So don't be afraid to ask for help! 

These were just a few major items I couldn't keep to myself and I hope they help!

p.s. Leave us a comment on what things you found that you couldn't live without! We would love to hear what other Mama's found as lifesavers!