Cotton and Clan Family Origins

Well it is getting closer and closer to the holiday season and if you are anything like me you are already freaking out at the impending lines and online sales that are scheduled to take place any day now! I always have such a hard time finding gifts for people unless they tell me exactly what they want which also takes the surprise out of it. Call me old fashioned, but I really love getting people unique one of a kind gifts that are meaningful!

Not too long ago I came across one of those companies! Cotton and Clan offers unique one of a kind art pieces that are the perfect gift for anyone! They use NASA satelite imaging to pinpoint the exact location on the map where you were either born or where you met your spouse.

Cotton and Clan

Cotton and Clan

I ended up ordering one for our own family with the date, location, time and a special quote from our wedding day. Our poster was shipped in record time and once taken out and set in a frame it was perfect! It was also such a great discussion piece for our girls! We used the opportunity to sit down and talk about our wedding day, which also lead to questions about kissing boys which needless to say, we ended on that note.

This will probably be my new go to for family gifts because they are just so simple, classic and beautiful. It is definitely one of those pieces that brings so much meaning you will want to have it hanging around the house.

When I grew up my parents never had something like this around our house. I think it is so important for kids to know the story of your family or even better, their own story. How amazing is it that we have access to something like this? The birth of a child or the day you got married are HUGE moments in life that no one ever just decides they want to forget. Those are the memories that last a lifetime! Cotton and Clan makes sure that those memories don’t get forgotten! How incredible!


They are currently running a kickstarter campaign until November 2018 and have some amazing deals on these posters!

Head over to their kickstarter page here and buy a bundle for you or your family! You know you want to get all those Christmas gifts out of the way so you can actually enjoy the Holiday Season!