First Time Mom's Guide: All You Need To Know (Part 1)

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When you become a mom it can be full of so many emotions. Everything from joy, fear, and anxiety. It is a life changing event that happens. It changes you not only physically for a good year (well at least it feels like a year) but alters the way you see your spouse and changes the core of who you are. It can be a tough season to navigate. People have tried to write books on what to expect, but absolutely NOTHING can prepare you for everything to come. 

So as to not sound like yet another person who knows what they are talking about (because I'm still learning too) I asked some amazing mommy friends of mine what they would say to encourage a fellow first time mama. Because out of all the advice you will get and books you will read, there is nothing more REAL than a mom who has walked through it herself. So here is what they had say... 

“Make sure you have friends that you can talk to about your feelings. That was my biggest thing. All the emotions I felt, I thought I was crazy but after talking to my friends they let me know it was totally normal.”

- Chelsea, Mom of an 18 month old and 9 months pregnant

"Relax! You are not going to be perfect and neither is your child. Enjoy every minute of those late night snuggles and play with them often."

- Ashley, Mom of three ages 19, 16 and 12

"Always pee before going to get the baby... even if you don't think you need to, just do it because you may not have that chance again for a while."

- Liz, Mom of two ages 6 and 3 

“Take care of yourself!  Find time to sleep when baby sleeps, splurge on a babysitter and have a few things that you can do during the week that is just for you. You have to be really careful not to neglect yourself and continue finding things that refresh you.”

- Emily, Mom of three ages 9, 7 and 6

"You don't need to prove yourself to anyone. Be the Mom that you want to be and do what's best for your family. Don't feel pressured into what others think is right and being the 'perfect Mom'. We are all prefect for the kids we have."

- Michelle, Mom of 6 ages 19, 17, 15, 14 11 and 9

"Hold your baby! Regardless of what you've heard, you absolutely can hold that baby as much as you want and it will not cause them to have issues later on. They are only small and snuggly for so long so enjoy the snuggles while you can." 

- Chels, Mom of one age 3

“Even though family and friends will want to help by holding the baby, the best help to a new mom is sometimes more help around the house with laundry, cleaning and feeding the family. Don't be afraid to ask for help in the way that you need it, not in the way that they want to give it. People will say they want to support you but sometimes it's conditional on how they want to help  and not based on what you actually need.” 

- Lizzane, Mom of three ages 12, 8 and 4

"Amazon Prime Now will become your best friend! NO, REALLY!!! 

- Karen, Mom of two ages 17 month and 2 years 

"Find good resources that will help prepare yourself and your partner for parenthood. My favorite was Baby Wise. I also remember asking my nurse in the hospital how to swaddle and give a sponge bath.  They are a great resource for general tips!" 

- Kristen, Mom of two ages 6 and 4

"One size does not fit all. You will get lots of advice from other Moms and even family on how to do things, how they did things and what you shouldn't be doing. Being a Mom takes a lot of trial and error and you will figure out your groove after a few weeks. Take your time to learn what your baby needs and not so much time on what everyone is telling you."

- Erin, Mom of one age 6


I don't know about you, but reading these really encourages me that I am a totally normal mom! If you are a first time mom or you you've been a mom for a while I hope this gives you a little boost to keep going! Motherhood is a journey with lots of different seasons. I hope you know that you have what it takes to be a great Mom, not a perfect Mom, but a GREAT ONE!!!

p.s. Just to leave you with a little teaser...make sure you stay on the lookout for First Time Mom's Guide- Part 2!!!