Nuroo Baby Product Review

Wow... it's been a CRAZY 3 weeks.. as you can see I'm still alive (barely) and we added a new addition to the family, Aubrey Sloane Byrd! She has been such an added blessing to our family and it's been awesome seeing how our other two girls have loved on her. 

Aubrey has also been the easiest thing that has gone on for the past 3 weeks. Not only was she born June 14th, but she also kicked off the most insane beginning of our summer. The week after she was born we moved into another house, which by the way was a much smaller house with no storage (currently writing this on top of unpacked boxes). We also attended 3 weddings in ONE WEEKEND! Two of those were in town, while the other was about 2 hours away. The week after that we also had our in-laws staying with us as well as celebrated our oldest daughters birthday. Man, I had some grand plans to celebrate her birthday, but reality hit me the day before that I have no time to plan or prepare so that was a scramble just putting a basic party together. My proudest Mom moment of the planning of her party was forgetting to order a cake. Theres nothing more stressful than calling 5 different places the day before to find out they have no idea what the movie Trolls is and wouldn't have a cake available in time. 

So as you can see it's been a pretty busy 3 weeks and I've missed you all!!! Now that things are finally (fingers crossed) calming down, I wanted to write this post to firstly let you know about a giveaway coming up and secondly to tell you how much I love these two products we will be featuring!  

The first is the Nuroo Baby Swaddler

I have to say that the one thing that really sold me in this swaddle at first was how easy it was to use and that it grew with baby. Once I began using it, my favorite part about this swaddle became how light and breathable the material was. If you have tuned into the weather recently you might have seen that Southern California has already been hit with a heat waveof 80 degrees. I know we are wusses when it comes to heat. Aubrey is still needing to be swaddled up so she can sleep so I was worried that she would overheat being wrapped up. Every time I've gone to unwrap her she's never been too hot or too cold. For me this is a winner!!! 


I also love that this swaddle was created by two MOMS! You know that if moms were behind a product like this it has to be worth it! The fabric is made of breathable, moisture wicking properties that help regulate baby's body temperature. It has the ability to pull sweat and moisture from baby in order to keep baby dry and comfortable. The pockets in the swaddle have also been approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as "hip healthy" meaning that when baby is swaddled correctly he/she is in the proper M position making it safe for baby's hips.

The second is the Nuroo Baby Nursing scarf

As I mentioned earlier, at only 2 weeks old, Aubrey had already attended more weddings than we had in a 4 day span. In one weekend we attended 3 different friends weddings. We almost felt like at that point we should've been contestants on that TLC show called 3 Weddings.  One of the things that made me a little anxious when preparing to go to our first wedding was how I was going to find an outfit that was nice enough to wear (only 2 weeks postpartum) and have the ease enough to nurse. As many moms know, the first few days and weeks of a newborns life that little leech is glued to your side feeding every 1-2 hours if not more.  Then on top of that you have those 4 hours of cluster feeding, and we all know thats when the "fun" really begins. 


Let's just say I got lots of practice nursing in public. One of the weddings we attended was outside and in the sun. I thought for sure at this point I'd be sweating and so would Aubrey under that scarf. When I took her out I was so surprised that neither of us were hot and sweaty. I love this scarf because it is so light and airy and they come in super cute patterns! The scarf also has buttons so you can customize it however you want in any position you want to nurse in. 

I truly am in love with these two products and thats why I've teamed up with Nuroo Baby for an awesome 2 day giveaway! Be sure to stay tuned on our instagram for more details! I seriously have put these to the test the last few days and I don't think I could've survived without them!