Permission to be the Crazy Mom

Do you ever have those days, weeks or months where it just feels like you are loosing your mind? I’m sure if you have been a Mom for at least one minute you could agree that there are seasons when it feels like that. I remember traveling with my two girls one time, without my husband and afterwards swearing I would never do that again, but ended up doing it multiple times (I guess I learn the hard way). The first time I ever traveled with them alone, I was so stressed out from traveling that I completely forgot to feed them meals. I KNOW!! I couldn’t believe that I forgot to feed my own children. Poor kids, right? Luckly, the next time we traveled I did learn my lesson and ended up scheduling in meal times so that I wouldn’t forget. I even carried snacks in my bag telling myself “NOT TODAY TERAH, NOPE NOT TODAY”. 

All that to say, I remember at the time I beat myself up so much about forgetting to feed them a meal or two. The conversation to myself was not graceful. Instead of taking a breathe and realizing that it really wasn't that huge of a deal, I allowed myself to think things about my capabilities as a Mom that were untrue. You see, one thing you should know about me is that I can tend to be a planner and stress head if things don’t go the way I envision them. This was one of those MANY moments in my life and I was not handling it gracefully. 

I’ve noticed that us Moms tend to strive by showing the world, our family, our friends and ourselves that we have everything under control . We never yell at our kids, or get frustrated or forget to change a diaper every once in a while (guilty). We want the world to see all the activities our kids are in, how well mannered they are and how perfect of a parent we are. 

I don’t know about you, but that is EXHAUSTING and a lot of pressure!!! 

“PLEASE give yourself a hall pass to feel completely under qualified as a Mother. We need to see the REAL YOU, #momfails and all!”

I don’t want to walk around pretending I have everything together, because I DON’T and thats OKAY! It’s okay and normal for us to be imperfect Mothers. We have to learn to give ourselves the same amount of grace our little ones show us on a daily basis. I mean people, I FORGOT TO FEED MY KIDS!!! They ended up whining a little, but never held a grudge, or told me I was a horrible Mom. They just fasted for a meal (or two) and then it was forgotten about. They still loved me, still trusted me to take care of them. So please, Moms everywhere, PLEASE give yourself a hall pass to feel completely under qualified as a Mother. We need to see the REAL YOU, #momfails and all!