Creating Quality Family Time

As a parent there are so many things pulling at you're attention. Your job, family, finances, school and the other millions of things that decide to pop up. Sometimes life can get so busy that unfortunately our families can get the short end of the stick.  Let's be honest, when your busy and don't have anything left to pour out at the end of the day it can be easier to hand your kids a snack and an iPad and call it a day. When you are not in the mood to make My Little Ponies talk, the iPad can seem like the best choice for everyone's sanity. Unfortunately, for me my conscience got the better of me one day when I realized just how much my five year old daughter was playing games and watching TV shows. I started to realize that it was not only unhealthy for her, but that it was actually affecting her attitude and in turn my attitude. We both became easily frustrated with one another and it did not make for very enjoyable evenings. 

Once I realized that we had gotten to a place where she spent more time with Youtube Kids than with me,  I immediately enforced a NO SCREEN TIME rule after dinner. At first this was difficult and somedays it still is especially when Dad is traveling and I'm busy trying to clean, bathe and stick to the bedtime routine (all hail the bedtime routine). 

“There will never be a right time you have to MAKE TIME.”

In the beginning when I started this "no screen time rule" the end in mind was really just to limit how much screen time Winslow was having. Not long after though, I realized something even bigger than that. I realized that this "rule" was bringing our family closer together. We were playing, talking and bonding more than ever. I now value this time more than anything in the world! You can never replace TRUE quality time especially when your in a busy season. And just an extra tidbit (if you will) if you want to create more moments of quality time, you have to start NOW. Don't wait until circumstances calm down or wait around for the "right" time. There will never be a right time you have to MAKE TIME.

Maybe your family doesn't have time to do family dinners every night together, think and brainstorm what you can do. We found what worked for us and sometimes due to schedules we aren't able to consistently spend time in the evenings. But, we have realized that for our family and for our girls we have to make room to be a family not just roommates.