My Moms Journey... Navigating the Younger Years

As a Mom, I feel like I am learning something new every day whether thats from trial and error, or from watching another Mom navigate raising kids. I have not arrived and don’t know all there is to raising kids, but I think if I can stay teachable and glean wisdom from those who have been there and done that, I think it will only help me grow as a Woman and Mom. 

With that said, I wanted to write a post that not only would encourage you as a Mom, but that would honor my own Mom. I have learned so much from my own Mother, who has raised 4 grown children. She stayed home with us when we were younger, had a traveling husband, and she started many different business ventures all while juggling kids (sometimes literally juggling us). 

I couldn't think of a better Mother's Day post than to honor and celebrate my own Mom who has been a mentor, teacher and amazing example to me as a woman. So lets dive into some questions I asked my Mom, Rose Kelleher about Motherhood. 

Terah: You have raised four kids and you've done it effortlessly in some seasons and I'm sure other times it’s been difficult. But did you ever think that you would have four kids?

Rose: Honestly I didn't. When I first had you, my firstborn, I was going to actually stop there. I really had no intention of having any more. But as the years progressed and my career was getting really good, something inside me longed for another child. Watching you grow up as the only child and you wanting a sibling, I began thinking we would have another one. And here we are three boys later. So to answer your question, no, I never thought I'd actually have four kids.

Terah: For you what was the toughest part about raising four kids?

Rose: I think the toughest part was being a military wife and mother. My husband was in the Navy and traveled for long periods of time.. It’s not easy being a military wife and having kids, so that was probably one of the toughest parts.

Terah: What did you do to help get you through those moments?

Rose: Well, you know, a lot of it was building a really good support network of other moms. My next door neighbor was also a stay at home mom and she introduced me to several other stay at home moms. Just being with other moms who are going through the same issues that you're going through and being able to help each other was the biggest thing that helped get me through some of those tough moments. We helped each other by watching one another's kids or if somebody had to run out to to the grocery store, a mom would offer to watch them. To me, that was probably the saving grace in my life when my husband was out of town. Just having a really good support group there was so worth it.

Terah: You've been a working mom, working full time and I think you even worked part time and worked from home. You've done a lot of stuff in the time that we were kids. So being a working mom, did you ever find that balancing family, house and kids was difficult for you?

Rose: Yes it was difficult. When my husband was home he was very supportive and that's a something I am grateful for, having an awesome and supportive spouse. He was supportive of every endeavor I went after.

I think throughout the years, doing different things while I stayed at home, was a way to help out not only with family finances, but it allowed us to be able to do things as a family and it allowed me to do something I was passionate about. Being an entrepreneur allowed me to really take advantage of some great opportunities all while being able to stay at home. But yeah it's not easy. By no means was it easy to balance it all. But going back again, having a really good support system behind you really helps.

Terah: I think thats so important to remember as a Mom. I'm a stay at home mom myself now and knowing what my passions and hobbies really do make staying home and working so fulfilling.  I think it's so important as well, like you said, to create a support system for yourself where you are doing life with other women in the same season as you are.

Now moving on, do you remember one piece of advice that a fellow mom gave you that really helped you navigate motherhood a little bit better. And what was that advice?

Rose: I think the best advice that was ever given to me was to ENJOY YOUR CHILDREN because they are only little once. And so, I made it a point when I decided to stay home that I wanted to enjoy every second, every minute of the day with my kids because I knew I would never get that back.

Terah: Were there ways in which you did that?

Rose: A lot of it was just cherishing every stage of their lives from the time they were babies and then grew up to the terrible twos and then on to the terrible threes. Everybody calls it terrible but those times were fun times because looking back you realize that those were the years where your child starts growing out of the baby stage.They're inquisitive, they're exploring, they're trying to see what boundaries they can cross and it's all part of learning. But it was fun and I tried hard to make it fun and do things outside. I took you guys to the park a lot and just encouraged as much exploring as possible.

Terah: Now that you have four, grown, adult children, what was one thing or a few things maybe that you were really glad that you did?

Rose: I think the thing I'm so happy that I did is the fact that I opened my life up to having more kids.

You know I tell people NEVER SAY NEVER because you just never know whats going to happen down the road that could change your mind and change your whole outlook on things. For me, faith was very important to me and so when I knew that my purpose wasn't just to have one child and we started having the second child and then the third child and then the fourth child I never regretted any of that. I loved every moment of it. I'm so blessed that I was fortunate to be able to stay home through your early years.

I don't know about you but it is always encouraging to hear the  stories of others and to see they are still standing on the other side! I think the greatest take away's for me from my conversation with my Mom was...

1. Find a support system of others Mom's who are in the same season of life as you are.
2. Be open to anything- You never know what blessings lie for you down the road. 
3. Enjoy every season!! 

I hope in whatever season of Motherhood you are in this encourages you to keep going, I know this has encouraged me!