The Elephant In The Room

So in order to set this blog post up correctly, I want to start at the beginning…

About 10 years ago, like many people, I had no idea what my 5 year plan or 1 year plan was for my life. I couldn’t tell you what I wanted to do with my life or what I was passionate about. During this time I had been attending Bible College in Virginia. Following my graduation I began an internship in one of the church departments which was the women’s ministry. To be completely honest with you, when I found out that was where I was being placed I was terrified! I don’t even like other women, well, I mean, all I had experienced up to this point was that the majority of encounters I had with women ended up not being very pleasant. I had seen so much cattiness and back stabbing that I didn’t want anything to do with it. Within one year of working there my entire paradigm changed. I began understanding these women I was doing life with and grew to love being in community with them. I then went on to be on staff at this church, but in a completely different ministry. Here is where I thought I had finally arrived. I have the career I want, I feel fulfilled by what I am doing. What could be better?! 

Well, I will tell you!! All that changed when we moved in California 4 years ago. I began working remotely as a personal assistant which was great because I was able to stay home with Winslow. But I knew this wasn’t something I was passionate about doing for the rest of my life. Two years later we had Kinley and I had absolutely no time to spend working from home, so I officially became a SAHM. This was great at first, but again I realized that there was something missing. I was so confused… on one hand I had the luxury to be able to stay home with my kids, but then on the other hand I still felt like, was this all my life would be? Would I just spend the rest of my life at home in yoga pants and spit up stains? I kept thinking back to when we lived in Virginia and how I felt like my career there was what I should be doing for the rest of my life, not this, not what I’m doing now. 

It wasn’t until I became pregnant with Aubrey that I came to the realization that I have to find something that I am passionate about. I can’t be spend the rest of my life reminiscing about the old days or else I will make myself go insane! Whatever I do next it can’t be a hobby and can’t be a fad or some phase of my life. It has to be something that would not only change my life but others around me. 

This wasn’t going to be ‘just another blog’, or ‘just another website’, this was going to be something that inspired and encouraged others. 

This was when Mums and Bubs Co was birthed (my 4th kid!). What began as a novel idea between my husband and I, soon became something I had a HUGE vision for. This wasn’t going to be "just another blog", or “just another website", this was going to be something that inspired and encouraged others. 

As I began thinking through all the things Mums and Bubs Co would be, I stumbled upon a picture of an elephant and her calf. For some reason I was just drawn to this picture and I wasn’t quite sure why.  It then got me thinking about about the relationships elephants have with one another. I had always remembered going to the zoo when I was younger and falling in love with these huge creatures. I started reading more about them and here is what I found!


When a baby calf is born they stick very closely to their mothers. Which you probably already knew and could gather without me telling you, but did you know that the Mother of that calf is not the only one that influences, protects and raises that baby? When that calf is born, he is born into a community of aunts, sisters, grandmothers and friends whose number one job is to help Mom look after that baby. In fact, one resource mentioned that the survival rate of a calf greatly increases when more females are present and willinging take care of it. 

This is what Mums and Bubs is all about. We are creating a community of Moms, Aunts, Sisters, Grandmothers and Friends who are willinginglly ready and able to support one another. Could you imagine anything greater than that? 

The best feeling in the world is know that it's not all on you to raise great kids. There are women out there that who want to support you. There are women who can offer advice on what to do and what not to do. There are women, most importantly who are there to champion you on and encourage you when it's tough. 

So now that you know that this whole thing has nothing to do with me but has everything to do with YOU and the girlfriend beside you, I want to be bold and ask you to do something! Let’s support each other! I’m not asking you to promote “me”, I’m asking you to take this journey with me to reach Moms out there who may not have the support and encouragement they are needing. I know I've felt like that mom many times and what always brought me back from staying in a place of discouragement was ALWAYS the network of women I could call on. 

So how can you help?

The easiest way is to SHARE with your friends! We can all share funny videos and hilarious memes, thats all fun and games, but lets work together and get the word out about this! We are a community of women who are not only learning to have fun in the trenches of motherhood, but who are here to lift the arms of other fellow moms. I hope that this inspires you to not only join with me in the journey, but also to have a go at something for yourself!!! Let’s do this together! 

Terah B.

Interview with Founder + Creator of Wash.It.Later

When you've never met face to face before and have had so many things go wrong within the first few days of connecting, you know its going to be a "special" kind of relationship. Ladies, let me introduce you to Hannah! Although I haven't met her in person (yet) I can tell you that within the first few seconds of talking we instantly bonded over all of our crazy motherhood stories. Hannah is a Mom Entrepreneur and when you find out what she has in the works you will want to tell everyone (TRUST ME!). Here's my interview with Hannah as I pick her brain on motherhood and juggling a startup.  

Terah: Tell us a little about yourself.

Hannah blog pic.jpg

Hannah: Well right now in this phase of life I am pretty much defined by motherhood which I love (and hate all at the same time).  I have 2 girls one is 3.5 and the other is 3 months. We live in Tacoma, WA so we get to enjoy all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Right now I am at home with the girls full time which I feel blessed to do and I don't take for granted at all. But yea, its pretty much just a lot of baby wrangling and taylor swift dancing over here. 

Terah: What does a typical day look like with kids, work and home life? 

Hannah: A typical day... hmmmm I'm not sure that exists! I mean we try to have a schedule while also trying to maintain my sanity but the honest truth is I'm not that great at the balance part of "work life balance." I often think to myself and beat myself up because I'm not great at wearing all the hats and doing it perfectly like work, keeping the kids engaged, housework, errands, being a good wife. It can be especially difficult with young kids and a brand new business. Those  things takeup so much of my time, so truthfully the housework side of things is where lately I've had to lower my standards. If you said you were coming to my house right now I would be stuffing piles of laundry into the closets and hiding the big pans I haven't touched for 2 days in the oven! So in order to make sure I'm not completely dropping the ball I give myself one house thing each day and if I get it done then its a win! I get overwhelmed when I look at all of it but if I can do one thing then thats a good day for me!

But as far as my day on a whole, I try and get up before the kids get up to get a hour of work in before I have to mom-up. During the rest of the day I have to get creative with how I block out time for work and it may be segmented but it's the best I can do. The evening time is a circus trying to get everyone fed dinner, bathed and to bed. After all that I really like to have an hour where my hubby and I can wind down together, a lot of times that involves business talk and planning but he is just as passionate about this new venture as I am so it makes for a great teammate. 

Terah: What drove you to want to start your own business?

Hannah: I think it was just that I was really excited, more than I think I even knew at the time, about this idea and really believed it would resonate with moms. I was in my living room with my sister in law watching sharktank together,  and talking about all the products and if we liked them or would buy them ourselves and it was time to put the kids to bed . While I was putting the kids to sleep I was remembering my daughters pants that I hadn't scrubbed from earlier that were still sitting tied in a grocery bag in my diaper bag. I walked back out into the living and half joking said "you know what someone needs to invent ..." and before I knew it I wasn't joking I was describing in detail exactly what I needed and how it should look and how I should market and sell them. My husband and sister in law were like, Yes! Do it! Go for it! The very next day I was researching and calling manufacturers and getting product samples to start bringing my idea to life. Now both my husband and sister in law are in this thing with me because they also see what a need there is for this. 

washitlater blog1.jpg

Terah: Starting a business and coming up with an idea can have its challenges, is there one thing you encountered that you weren't prepared for?

Hannah: YES! Social Medial! It is it's own animal, and I had no idea how hard it would be and the dedication it takes. I mean likes and follows and posts and shares and engagements and all the while trying to remain authentic to yourself and yet still appeal to the masses. You also have to know when to post and what to post on which days, I'm still just trying to get the hang of it. And I tell you what, I have a lot of respect for those mega Instagram moms! It has been the hardest part of building my business so far because I see how valuable and what a community it can be, I just need to figure out how to get in!

Terah: When you have a tough day, what keeps you going and makes it all worth it? 

Hannah: Mostly its the idea that I know this will really help people. Not too long again I was at a difficult phase of the design process and I was running into issues and feeling really frustrated because I wanted this thing to be perfect. I wanted it to work the way I knew it could but I was just really feeling defeated.  One day I was at target trying to get my 3 year old to the potty on time and when I walked in there was one mom waiting to use the changing table and another mom who was already using it. Both womens babies had just had major blowouts and the outfits and blankets were covered, and it was like that ahhhhhaaaa moment.  I wish I had my Soak & Save bags because I knew I could help them! I knew I could give them something that would make that moment a little easier. So I keep that moment on playback to keep propelling me forward. 

Terah: What encouragement would you give to a fellow mom who is on the fence about starting her own business?

Hannah: I would say trust your gut. If you have something that you believe in and you feel you can provide value then trust that feeling. Also surround yourself with supportive people, to encourage you and challenge you too. 


Terah: So tell us a little bit about this product!

Hannah: The bag is a single use bag that is completely liquid tight. Inside each bag is a water soluble capsule of all natural soaking solution. Once you toss in your clothes and add water to the bag, you can seal it up and create the perfect soaking environment that will lock in all the mess and start treating stains before they can set and ruin your clothes. Now you can forge ahead with the rest of your busy day until you get back home and those clothes you've had in the bag are already pretreated. You've not only saved the outfit but you've saved yourself the headache of having to scrub them out with aggressive chemicals! Also I should add that the bag, while not reusable, is RECYCLABLE!

Isn't this awesome??! I mean why hasn't anyone come up with this sooner! Whenever you hear about a genius product like this, it just makes you wish you were the one to come up with the idea because you know it's going to be that good! But in all seriousness, I not only fell in love with this product, but I am so happy I was able to connect with Hannah! As you can see from our interview, she is quite an amazing mama! So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check out her Kickstarter Campaign and be sure to tell all your mommy friends!!!